Community Center

The Community Center

The Community Center is located at Fort MacArthur & occupies a beautifully landscaped site overlooking the San Pedro beaches. Designed as a mixed-age, multi-use facility, the Community Center is not only a popular location for military functions, trainings, off-sites, retirements, and workshops; but it is also a popular location to host parties, weddings, anniversaries, and other special celebrations.

Reserve Space

The Center has the following spaces available on a first come, fist serve reservation basis only: Grand Ballroom, Garden Room, Southwest Room, Patio Room, Fireside Room, Outdoor Patio, and Garden Courtyard.

Community Events

The Community Center also coordinates base-wide events such as the 4th of July Celebration, and evening festivities such as a New Year’s Eve Party. Field trips, targeted at all age groups are conducted monthly.

Visit the Calendar page for upcoming events.

Harborview Lounge

The Harborview Lounge is regularly open Friday evenings, 4 pm – Midnight.