Your Military Market Is Here!

Your Military Market Is Here!

Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase awareness of your business or build client relations with military consumers, our Commercial Advertising program provides the opportunity to build a binding link with our highly targeted and sponsor-loyal members.  Reach military and government civilian members in El Segundo, San Pedro, and surrounding communities instantly! Magazine, web and poster advertising opportunities are available.

The Force Magazine

“The FORCE” magazine is a monthly publication of the 61st Force Support Squadron (61 FSS) designed to inform military and civilian members of events, programs and services offered to Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Circulation includes 1,000 printed magazines distributed to all facilities at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo and Fort MacArthur (housing community) in San Pedro.  Digital distribution includes 900+ social media followers, 400+ email newsletter subscribers, and 6,000+ base-wide email users.  An active link to your website is included with the digital magazine.

Monthly Rates

  • Half Page $200
    (8.25″ x 5.125″)
  • Full Page $300
    (8.25″ x 10.375″)
  • Full Page Inside Cover $350
    (8.5″ x 11″ w/ 0.125″ Bleed Required)
    (0.25″ L-R-T Margins / 0.5″ B Margin)
      • Full Page Back Cover $400
        (8.5″ x 11″ w/ 0.125″ Bleed Required)
        (0.25″ Margins)
      • Double Truck Inside Pages* $700
        16.75″ x 10.375″ w/ 0.125″ Margins)
        *Only Available during select months

22″ x 28″ Posters

Looking for high visibility locations to place your ad? We have 7 Kiosk options around base to place your posters.

      1. Bldg 270: The Lobby in front of The Launch Pad, South Bay Cafe & ITT
      2. Bldg 271: The Lobby to Legal and the History Office
      3. Bldg 272: The Lobby in front of the CAC ID Office & Customer Support
      4. Commissary: By the Exit Door
      5. AAFES: Front Entrance Lobby in front of Starbucks
      6. El Segundo Fitness Center 1: Main Hallway
      7. El Segundo Fitness Center 2: Main Hallway


Tell us how many posters you’d like per month.

      • 1 Poster $125
      • 2 Posters $200
      • 3 Posters $275
      • 4 Posters $350
      • 5 Posters $425

All pricing is subject to change at any time.

Website Advertising

Website advertising includes our main page feature, the footer on every page and side bars on the Calendar, Magazine and Marketing Pages with an active link to your website.


        • Sidebar Square $150
          (200 x 150 px)
        • Footer Banner $200
          (440 x 80 px)
        • Sidebar Tall $400
          (200 x 600 px)
        • Feature Home Page Slider $600
          (940 x 350 px)

All pricing is subject to change at any time.

Issue Material Due
February 2017 January 13
March 2017 February 10
April 2017 March 10
May 2017 April 14
June 2017 May 12
July 2017 June 9
August 2017 July 14
September 2017 August 11
October 2017 September 8
November 2017 October 13
December 2017 November 9
January 2018 December 8
Los Angeles AFB Demographics Qty
Military Members 1,664
Civilians 1,285
Dependents 929
TOTAL: 3,878

LAAFB Demographics

Above is a chart with our base demographics as of early 2013. These figures reflect base personnel only. Our military support community of retirees, National Guard and other military agencies include tens of thousands of additional potential consumers passing through our base daily.

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