Fundraising FAQs

Los Angeles Air Force Base (Photo by base photo services)
  1. Where can I find a fundraiser request form?
    To obtain a form, please contact
    NOTE: *Private organizations (POs) must be in compliant with all required PO documents in order to fundraise
  2. Who is the approval authority for fundraisers?
    Approval authority is the 61st Force Support Squadron Director
  3. How long in advance should a fundraiser request be submitted?
    Requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event to allow sufficient time for coordination of several base agencies before final approval.
  4. How often can I fundraise?
    POs and unofficial activities (UAs) may fundraise with a limit of 2 per calendar quarter (1 fundraiser equals 1 day).
  5. How do I advertise my fundraising event?
    There are many options available for POs and UAs to advertise:
    -The FORCE Magazine – contact:
    -The Staff Bulletin on the InsideSMC homepage
    -Hang flyers in common areas only (restrooms, lobbies, and break rooms)
    -Word of mouth
    NOTE: **Advertising for fundraisers may take place only AFTER fundraiser request has been approved by 61 FSS Director. The use of government email is strictly prohibited for the purpose of fundraising/advertising.
  6. Are there times I cannot fundraise?
    Fundraising may not take place during Air Force Assistance Fund (Mar thru Mid-Apr) and Combined Federal Campaign (Oct thru mid-Nov) drives. Otherwise, fundraising may take place any day including weekends.
  7. What locations are available to hold fundraisers?
    Fundraisers may be held on or off installation. When on installation, fundraisers are to be held in non-work areas only such as lobbies, break rooms, courtyard. POs and UAs are prohibited from competing against the sales of AAFES and the Commissary. Therefore, locations in or near those areas are restricted.
  8. What sorts of activities are restricted for fundraisers?
    All fundraiser requests will be reviewed by the legal office. Depending on the type of event, liability insurance or an insurance waiver may be required for specific events that pose higher risks.

Other questions?
Please review the fundraising requirement checklist or contact for further assistance.